2. Wood Storage Rack

I make a lot of stuff out of wood. I do cabinets, desks, tables, etc. Partially as a hobby, partially because I never seem to find something I can buy that will perfectly suit my needs. The result is a lot of scrap and leftover that I refuse to throw out because I know one day I'll wish I had it. But the garage needs to be cleaned up, and that wood needs to be somewhat organized and off the ground.

I loosely followed this article: https://www.oneprojectcloser.com/how-to-build-wall-mounted-lumber-storage-rack/

I might have been able to buy something cheaper, but I got exactly what I wanted, it's customizable (the supports slide left/right), and I got a few leftover pieces of wood, too!

I'll probably get a couple of small plastic bins to put underneath for the smaller scraps.


With the wood off to the side in a mess....


.... and now with it on the wall rack, organized and neat (well, neater)