6/10/2018 - Suspension Assembly

With new ball joints installed, I just needed some rotors. I opted for StopTech High Carbon rotors. You can find these on amazon for about $60 each. I used part 125.62059, 125.62060, 125.62061, and 125.62062. These have directionality on the rotor vanes, and fronts and rears are different, hence 4 part numbers.

I want to point out a discrepancy in the FFR manual donor part number list. It lists "10332530-LH" and "10332529-RH". This did NOT match the knuckles I had from a 2000 Corvette. The part numbers stamped on my parts were "R 10237238" and "L 10237239".


Knuckle with stamped part number

It's worth noting that there are only 2 part numbers for the knuckles. The front driver and rear passenger are the same part, as are the front passenger and rear driver knuckles. This means the "R" and "L" aren't always accurate.

It was pretty straightforward to assembly the knuckle and upper/lower control arms. Make sure to follow the torque specs. I found this on Google, and cross-checked it with a few other versions I found: C5 Torque Specs. Also, my new Moog ball joints had their own torque spec in the instructions. Be sure to follow any specs that come with any new parts.

To assemble the parts, Google is a friend. Here are a couple of images I found very helpful.

Image 1 & 2 - Front Suspension Assembly. Note that the little protrusions on both control arms face upward. If you upper control arms have a hole drilled in one of the protrusions, that faces forward (This can help you identify left and right for the upper control arms, as no part number was stamped on mine). The lower control arm has a protrusion with a hole, which faces forward. The knuckle has a hefty appendage (where the tie rod would attach) on one side, it always points AWAY from the vehicle (On the front, it points to the front of the car. On the rear, it points to the rear of the car).


Front Suspension Assembly


Front Suspension Assembly

Image 3 - Driver Rear Upper Control Arm Diagram. The picture says it all. Note the knuckle appendage (where the tie rod would attach) pointing away towards the rear of the vehicle, still.


Driver Rear Upper Control Arm diagram

After assembling, I put the brake caliper brackets, brake pads, and brake calipers on. I used brake grease for the caliper guide pins and put new boots on them. Lookin' good!


One front and rear control arm assembly

Time estimate: 6 hours

4 hours assembling 2 suspension assemblies

2 hours researching and buying new parts