2018/08/08 - Delivery and Unboxing

My GTM got delivered last week! Another FFR forum member TDSapp helped me unload (thanks Tim!), and with the two of us and the driver, it was rather painless

I finished inventory of the boxes, I'm missing somewhere around 10 smaller parts, which isn't bad considering the sheer number of components. And my living room is nothing but boxes and parts, but that's okay - the wife is out of town for the next 3 weeks. Plenty of time to clean up later

The first picture is the body removed from the chassis and just chillin' on the garage floor. To anyone considering space requirements, a 2-car garage seems to be very adequate. I have room on both sides of the chassis to work. Also, my friend and I didn't have any issues with removing the body from the chassis with just the two of us. We did remove the doors, hatch, and all glass prior, but I feel like that should be standard practice anyway.


Delivery Truck - 70 footer


Me, happy as could be


Body removed from chassis

Another forum member (Keith1) helped with most of the creation of this list, I've just reformatted into Excel. It is a master parts list, with FFR #, description, and Box #. Anyone who reads this and is building a GTM, I recommend taking this file and updating it with your own info. Most of it should stay the same.


Time estimate: 10 hours