2019/10/19 - Transaxle

For those following this site regularly, I apologize for the long delay. The transaxle took a LONG time to get here, and life got in the way as well. But we're back, baby!

The transaxle came crated and everything was in good shape. HOWEVER, it turns out I was missing a pilot bearing. They offered to send me one, but one of the compatible ones were available down the road for like 20 bucks that day.

One other issue: the hydraulic throwout bearing on the transaxle had a couple of fittings that were NOT tightened fully. Once I had the entire unit assembled, attached to the engine, everything - I went to bleed the lines and it leaked everywhere. So, my recommendation is to tighten everything up nice and snug BEFORE installation.

Another snag was the outer CV joints and getting them off/on. It wasn't easy - just stick with it. And, once they're off, you'll need to bend them back in order to get them on the new axles because they deform a bit when you get them off.