2018/08/15 - Drilling Sheet Metal

Drilled a bunch of sheet metal. Took the lines drawn in sharpie, made a dot every 2 inches or so, then went to town with a drill.


Everything you need - in one photo!

Harder is once you mount the sheet metal back onto the chassis and need to drill into the square tubing. I bought a bunch of cobalt double sided bits (so when they break, I just flip 'em around!). I haven't broken one yet, but it takes time to go through the steel. Just be patient.

I've also noticed that I tend to wallow open the hole in the aluminum more like an oval if I'm not super careful. I think I'll refine my technique to include clecos holding the panel, rather than my hand.

I also found out my battery tray doesn't match the manual battery tray. I have the optional A/C, so this is super important. It doesn't fit where they say it should. Not sure what's going on, so I skipped it for now. Edit: I figured out what I wanted to do: Battery relocation (bottom of page)

Time estimate: 4 hours