2018/08/24 - Telescoping Steering Column

I spent WAY too much time on this. I used all the parts as instructed by the manual, put it all together, and then went to test out the movement to make sure it didn't bind.

Severe binding occurred.

I monkeyed with it for 2 days before realizing the supplied actuator bracket was total garbage. When installed, the actuator was not actuating at the same angle the steering column wanted to move. It was off by about 10-15 degrees, and would never work.

I, erm, altered, it. SEVERELY. I enlarged slots for the screws to mount the actuator, enlarged a hole for a peg to settle into, ground away material to make clearance, and sheared off the first 2 inches of the mounting portion of the bracket. I then made my own hole and put a rivet into the frame of the car (because the rear-most rivnut location would never work).

To test, I used a car battery charger and some very unsafe electrical practices. No pictures of that are included here, so I don't give anyone any bad ideas on how to do things.


Top view


Close-up of altered bracket. Notice that rivet in the middle? Allllll me, totally improvised.


Only held on with 2 screws instead of 4. That's how far off the holes were from where they need to be.

Time estimate: 12 hours

Time wasted mounting/unmounting parts before modifying bracket: 9 hours

Save yourself time and just modify that bracket immediately if things don't align.