2018/09/01 - Gas Pedal

The Corvette standard issue gas pedal is fine and all - if you aren't using a crate engine. I will be using an LS376/480, and have ordered a separate gas pedal/ECU/wiring harness/etc. to go with it.

Slight problem, the stock pedal and aftermarket pedal have very different geometries. This means I cannot use the standard mounting procedure and still be able to reach the pedal.

I crafted up spacers using scrap wood and adjusted until it "felt right" to me (I put the seat in temporarily, as the manual suggests).


View 1 of wooden mock-up


View 2 of wooden mock-up


Overhead view of pedal placement

Now that I had comfortable position, I needed something a bit more permanent to hold the pedal in place. I thought maybe some sort of tubing could work, so I went and wandered around Home Depot. I had taken measurements before leaving, and I needed something around 3" long. I came across some threaded black pipes that looked PERFECT. It was $17 to get a couple of pipes and assorted bolts/nuts (which I bought extra long and cut-to-length).

It ended up installing like a dream and feels very secure. Should stand up to all the abuse I can throw at it.


View 1 of spacer solution


View 2 of spacer solution

Time estimate: 4 hours