2018/10/12 - Coolant Lines, A/C, and Batteries

This is about two full evenings worth of work, 10/11 and 10/12. I've installed all of the corrugated coolant hoses with adapters to the waterpump, hardlines, and radiator - except for the one connection that needs to scavenge the reducer elbow, because I don't have that part yet. I used Simple Green instead of Windex as the "lube" to get the couplers to fit together because it smells nice.


Idler pulley and belt installed, as well! I'll need to pull off the belt when I get the A/C belt and install it, but it makes me feel good to have it on there.


Top view


Front hard line to corrugated connection

If you are familiar with the GTM, you may notice I've also relocated the battery. I decided to do that since it was going to bind up against the steering linkage, be close to impossible to remove/replace, and just generally make life difficult. As part of this, I shifted the accumulator from its normal spot, and needed to remove the hard line coming off of the evaporator to do so. Now the flexible hose goes straight from the evaporator to the accumulator.


Top view

Driver side view


Driver side view, showing vertical clearance

I also finished up the A/C connections to the compressor and the condenser. No good pictures to show, I'll try to upload some here later.

Estimated time: 8 hours