2019/04/09 - Ram Lift Pro

(Recap from 2018/08/31 - Hydraulic Lift): I don't want my car scraping every speed bump and pot hole, and my driveway is steep-ish, so I needed a solution. I purchased the Ram Lift Pro kit, as recommended by other GTM owners. Unfortunately, there was a snag - it wouldn't fit. The shocks currently shipped with the GTM are NOT able to be ran inverted, so another option was needed.

I had a hard time finding a machine shop that wanted to do such a small job. So, using a tungsten carbide rotary file with a pneumatic die grinder, I MADE the parts fit!

Pneumatic die grinder

Finished part with the inside opened up

With the collar opened up a bit (probably a 1/16" removed all around), things fit just fine. I put together the two assemblies.


On to installation! I recommend a rubber mallet and a flathead screwdriver for "nudging" the spacers into place around the mounting bolts.

Passenger side

Driver side

Driver side

Oh, and I've been putting all my wiring into some of that black electrical split loom stuff, cleans things up very nicely

Transmission tunnel. View from passenger side, front of the car to the right

Time estimate: 6 hours