2018/11/03 - More Wiring

There's a lot of wiring to do...

I brought out my soldering iron and did a lot of splicing, soldering, and taping. Primary accomplishments were the steering column, hazard/high/low beam relays, brake switch, and the crate engine bulkhead harness.

The bulkhead harness is how the crate engine ECU "talks" to other parts of the car. Here's a snapshot of what's available. I'm pulling Engine Speed, Vehicle Speed, MAP signal, Oil Pressure, Throttle, and both power wires.


I also extended the pedal harness. An LS crate engine is meant to be mounted at the front of the car, so it wouldn't have very far to go to reach the pedal. The wiring needed to be extended.


Connecting the steering column to the harness


Put together the left-side of this harness


Extended pedal wiring runs through the tunnel

Estimated time: 5 hours