2018/09/02 - A/C Condenser and Footbox

The A/C kit was missing from the original shipment, but recently arrived. So, I was able to start on that portion of the build. The condenser is really nestled in there snugly, but it fits.


A/C condenser


Blower extender installed


Blower installed

Now that the A/C unit was installed, I moved on to the passenger footbox aluminum panels. I have perfected the lazy install method: I test fit the panel, lay down silicone, clamp into place, drill holes through aluminum AND steel frame at once, and cleco the whole operation before riveting it all together at once. Less switching tools back and forth, no more installing/removing/installing, and I got to ensure ALL panels overlapped and fit before permanently attaching.


Halfway through converting clecos to rivets


Fully riveted

This is now the view from the front of the car:


Front view of car

Estimated time spent: 6 hours