2018/08/16 - Sheet Metal

Did more sheet metal work today. Got 6 panels (front wheel well x 2, rear lower splash guard x 2, and center splash panel x 2) clamped, drilled holes in the frame, removed said panels, put silicone on the panels, remounted with clamps/clecos, and then riveted.

All said, the worst part, by far, is drilling through the frame. It takes forever, I just need to be patient with it.


Tools of the trade - clecos, cleco tool, rivets, riveter, drill, and boxes to hold stuff


I cannot recommend these things enough. I would drill a hole, then insert a cleco, then drill the next hole and repeat. It keeps the aluminum panel close to the frame in its final position.


I've seen neater, but I've seen pleennnntttyy messier


Today's accomplishment, as viewed from driver rear

Time estimate: 3 hours