2018/06/16 - More Suspension Assembly

Two more of suspension components assemblies were done today. I now have all 4 control arm/knuckle/spindle/caliper assemblies assembled and ready for installation.


Today's accomplishments - Driver front and rear assemblies


All four suspension assemblies

Interesting note - the calipers do not all "face" the same direction. They all "lean" toward the inside of the vehicle. By this, I mean that the front calipers sit on the rotor towards the rear of the vehicle while the rear calipers sit of the rotor towards the front of the vehicle. I was worried I had used the wrong parts, as I expected them to all face the same direction. Then, I remembered that the front left and rear right knuckles (and front right and rear left) were the exact same part, so of course it would end up this way.

Time estimate: 3 hours