2018/11/06 - Fuel Tank

Found some interesting stuff today.

Passenger fuel tank - connector not used for GTM

The middle two prongs on the fuel tanks are the fuel level sender terminals. For the GTM, 250 ohms empty and 40 ohms full.

The other two are fuel pump power wires, the one further from the 3 metal fuel ports is what I wired the chassis ground. The other one I wired to my engine controller's Fuel Pump wire. We'll find out if they're backwards when I start it up and don't have any fuel....

I discovered the EVAP stuff on the fuel tank, as well.

Ports numbered from left to right (labeled poorly in image)

I'll be capping off port 1 and port 2, and leaving port 3 connected as it as a vent. Fuel tanks need vents to allow air INTO the tank as fuel leaves, but not let nasty fumes out. Apparently, these ports on the tank are already valved that way, as well as having rollover protection.

The fuel filter was also installed. Picture below is what the FFR manual is referring to when needing to connect to the fuel filter outlet.


Cut off 1.25" inwards from the flare


Fuel Filter

I also removed the EVAP solenoid that came with the engine (not used for the GTM) and rerouted that port on the throttle body to the port on the now-driver-side valve cover.

EVAP delete and repurpose

Oh, and more wiring.


Yup. Still more wires.

Estimated time: 10 hours