2021/07/10 - 2021 Update

Hello, friends! Welcome to the first update of 2021.

I've been tinkering with a few things here and there, but mostly hibernated since late 2020, then worked on the garden when spring came around. Started back up on the car the last month or so, and it's time to update the website!


On the left here, you'll see a time-lapse video. The 40 second video is roughly 20 minutes of real-life time, during which 3 little dots of oil appear. I appear to have a porosity issue with the transaxle...

I've also started laying down some Dynamat. I know that the engine will probably be so loud it won't matter, but it'll be too late if I button it all up and start hearing road noise. It also supposedly provides minor thermal insulation? Who knows.

I am leaning towards using some Kirkey seats instead of what comes default with the GTM. I'm definitely going to want a 6-point harness at some point for racing, so I might as well change seats now.

The A/C is now charged! Found a wiring mistake when the A/C pressure switch failed to turn on the fan - but on the positive side, the high-pressure cutout worked, so that's nice/

Finally, I'm buttoning up some more sheet metal and I'm able to pull it into the driveway and back in the garage under its own power. This monster has enough torque that you don't actually need to give it any gas when starting in 1st or Reverse. I found out by giving it the gas a little tap, launching backwards down the drive way, and yanking the handbrake and skidding to a stop about 3 feet later.