2019/04/10 - Ram Lift Pro hydraulics

Now that the shocks, springs, cylinders and whatnot are all installed, the pump and the tubing needed to be installed. The braided hose was a pain to cut through, took about 5 minutes to cut through with a hacksaw. For installing the fitting, I flared out the metal sleeve with a small screwdriver, fit the small tapered piece on, then shoved the rest of it together. Gloves are recommended - it hurts when you stab yourself with the braided metal sleeve on the tube.

Driver side view

Passenger side view

Where I chose to install the pump may interfere with the windshield wiper fluid reservoir later in the build. I was willing to kick that down the road to later. If it interferes, I figure I'll either do without (I can clean my windshield like a plebeian - by hand) or get a universal one that's not meant specifically for a C5 Corvette.

Estimated time: 3 hours