2022/10/02 - No More Leaks

We finally have stopped the one-drop-per-day leak in the coolant system. The... unconventional... way FFR has us connect the corrugated tubing to the straight tubing was just not working.

Instead, I went online and found silicone hose reducers. Black is 1.75 to 1.50, red is 1.75 to 1.25. I used them in combination with silicone rescue tape to make a good seal, followed by clamps.

Close-up of the reducer

Close-up of the reducer

Reducers installed in the tunnel

After, the coolant system needing to have the air purged. It took a combination of jacking the the front of the car (and leaving the rear at ground level), leaving the radiator cap open, filling the block from the top (remove the tiny tube that runs to the radiator, grab a tiny funnel and section of tube, and have infinite patience), and wishful thinking. I also jiggled the corrugated tubing a lot while the engine was running.

I started and stopped the engine probably 4-5 times, turning it off when the temps rose above 210-220 F. I knew it was finally working the last time I started it up because the temps went from 180 to 210, then rapidly starting lowering back down to 200 (all of this at idle), which meant coolant was finally circulating.

Tedious (but effective) coolant fill location