00 - Modifications

If you are interested in the GTM at all, I recommend joining the FFR forum at thefactoryfiveforum.com.

I've discovered several aftermarket mods to make to this car, some for aesthetics, some for comfort, and others for easy of fabrication and construction. Members on the FFR forum were very helpful in making this list, see the thread below if you want more info.


FFR Mods - Options provided by FFR

Heating/AC - I live in Texas, this is a requirement

Front Splitter

Rocker Extension


Telescoping Steering - this is specific to your donor car's steering column. Mine is

Cold Air Intake - Removed. Apparently, only works with LS1

Fender Louver - Removed

Non FFR Mods

Window Stops - prevents window crashing inside the door


Stereo Panel - seals up the cabin a bit better


Skids - this is a very low-riding vehicle. Helps prevent damage


Window NACA Ducts - Gets fresh air to the engine bay


Rear Body Vents - exhausts hot air from engine bay


Both Louvered Belly Pans - heat management

http://vraptorspeedworks.com/louvere...all-trapezoid/ and http://vraptorspeedworks.com/louvere...-narrow-panel/

Rear Hatch Replacement - fresh air and heat management


Note: This replaces the rear glass that FFR ships out.

Kooks exhaust - FFR provided exhaust does not comply with LS3 crate engines


Note: This replaces the exhaust that FFR ships out.