2019/10/19 - Exhaust

The Kooks exhaust was a bit of a challenge to get installed. I used Shane's bracket and a friend helped me weld a piece or two. I painted the welded portion, since it was not stainless steel. Also, the bolts that came with the Kooks headers appear to be junk. I snapped one off in the block with my torque wrench - thankfully there was enough protruding to grab with some vise grips. I've also opted for both ceramic coating and header wrap, trying to keep some temperatures down and protect other components inside the engine bay (especially the starter, which is about 1" away from the passenger header).

I also found a neat cold air intake option online (https://www.amazon.com/Airaid-100-300-UBI-U-Build-Intake/dp/B0026K42MY). I mapped it out and cut where I needed, and I have a nice little cold air intake system that tucks in where I wanted it to.