2018/10/25 - Wire Monster

I've begun wiring the GTM. There are a lot of wires. I've taken to labeling each wire individually with masking tape and sharpie before I start connecting anything. I want to mock up and make sure I have the correct length of wires before I go making connections.


Interior fusebox and wires


Hazards and other lights' relays go here

I also started and finished wiring the engine harness, and mounted the computer and fusebox. You can't follow the manual if you're using a crate engine, it's very different. In many ways, it's easier, because you don't have to fool around with a bunch of that splicing and can forgo the business with the Corvette computer mounting bracket.

For anyone with a GMPP crate engine/controller who is wondering about how in the world to mount the plastic fusebox, there are 4 little slots around the outside that read "Lock Release 4 PLCS". You can pop the plastic off of it, and boom - access to drillable plastic for rivets. That was a real head scratcher for a while, until I found that on an online forum. I used rivnuts for the computer and put the bolts through existing holes in the computer enclosure.


Engine all wired up


Computer and fusebox

Estimated time: 5 hours